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IT Services

We offer best-in-class shared and dedicated application development and maintenance services for both core and non-core activities. This results in ownership cost reduction by leveraging on our technical expertise stemming from the worldwide experience, we have gained in developing and maintaining similar applications. And we assure the quality of performance of the offshore team through regular interaction and status exchange.

Application Development

Global technological advancement coupled with increased expectations of business community has given rise to amplified competition. Difficult to keep track of, this advancement can make your operations outmoded. Scoop Tech addresses this issue by developing personalized and state-of-the-art applications after taking into consideration your business goals. But it goes a step further by proposing innovative solutions to solve complex business problems effectively. These become the industry benchmarks and best practices of the future.

The time cycle and costs to be incurred to accelerate application development is considered at the pre-planning and planning stages, thereby aiding in risk identification and mitigation. Milestones and cost reduction targets are finalized and followed up on, whereas quality control and accelerated development is enabled during analysis and designing. The integration and adaptation of the new system with the existing one is done while noticing the user reaction so as to ensure appropriate implementation & testing.

After this feedback is taken, it is back to the drawing board, or keyboard, for us as we modify the application keeping in mind the performance measurements and maintenance issues raised during testing. After final application has been verified, its transition takes place across the organization in an efficient and cost-friendly manner (facilitated further due to proper planning earlier). With this, we move to the application management phase, where our endeavour is to run the system effectively by collaborating a regular organization-wide running, and modernize it subsequently as the need arises.

The whole gamut of Scoop Tech’s application development process takes place within the value-driven approach of adaptability, transparency, simplicity and unity. Consequentially, it results in improved operational efficiency with minimized maintenance cost, while adapting yourexisting service model to successfully modernize in an innovative manner, hence providing and maintaining the competitive edge for your organization.

Scoop Tech’s application development approach combines the best of popular methodologies including the Waterfall, Agile, JAD, RAD and Spiral. The range of our application development services includes:

  • E-business solutions including enterprise application integration and supply chain integration
  • E-business tool development
  • Web-enabling of legacy systems
  • Data Interchange using XML data transfer

Our technology expertise spans the spectrum available today such as Microsoft, .NET, Java, C/C++, SAP, and Oracle Apps.

Application Maintenance

The organizations in today’s context spend a large amount of their IT budget on maintaining their existing IT functions & operations. Managing the changing & evolving IT Applications therefore becomes critical and challenging. As a result, it is imperative that the cost of IT management & application maintenance becomes more effective and efficient to provide you with a competitive edge.

Scoop Tech’s application maintenance process ensures that your systems are scalable, flexible, and evolving regularly with your business needs. We can maintain large and complex applications that are implemented at different locations. We achieve this by firstly understanding the applications, then providing the support & corrective maintenance, and once adapted with application, we come up with preventive maintenance. This maintenance is always backed with support & helpdesk as necessary.

The application maintenance services offered by Scoop Tech include:

  • Trouble-shooting and resolution of problems affecting system’s functioning
  • Rectification of software bugs
  • Monitoring the applications to ensure data integrity and efficient performance
  • Ensuring full protection of data security and disaster recovery
  • Providing support during scheduled/unscheduled downtimes
  • Attending user queries and providing assistance to them in operation of the applications
  • Planning and proposing continual improvements in the application
  • Performance monitoring and tuning of database
  • Establishing database backup and recovery procedures